Hidden Extras That Affect Boiler Set up Cost

Quite often, getting a boiler set up cost can be considered a problem. It’s easy enough to get an estimation, but frequently the ultimate costs aren’t described well enough and extra extras push the purchase price higher and higher.

If you’re seeking to have a fresh boiler installed, you should keep on reading as we’ve completed some of the costs that tend to be overlooked. Obviously, the boiler would be the most important, and for that reason the most costly area of the boiler set up, however, it is the additional costs you will need to consider.

Water tank set up

It may appear apparent now, but if you are devoid of a combi-boiler installed, you are going to desire a drinking water tank installed someplace suitable. The container will also have to be plumbed into the system. Though this is not an enormous job, it’ll add a significant amount to your boiler set up the cost

Pipework installation

Any new system must be plumbed in, and there’s the opportunity that your existing pipework may not be ideal for the new system. Plumbing may need to be upgraded which really is a considerable job, and makes up about a huge percentage of the entire cost.


Are you updating one’s body? If so you may find your existing radiators have to be either bigger or even more effective to help make the majority of the new heating system setup. Charges for these will, of course, be inspired by the quantity and size of rooms.

Poweflushing the machine

All systems should be flushed before having a fresh boiler installed, nevertheless, you might need a powerflush which really is a different, more difficult process. It requires flushing the machine at high-pressure with drinking water and chemicals, to clear any build-up and dirt in the pipes and remove any cold-spots in the machine.

Thermostatic radiator valves

A terrific way to control heat-level and spend less. However, these aren’t normally considered during the preliminary costing. Though they aren’t greatly expensive to set up, they must be considered prior to the installation begins.

Where to Look

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